Deep-Ocean Bites: Ocean Exploration Careers Miniseries

Ocean Exploration Careers Miniseries

The ocean covers approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface. Yet, most of it remains unexplored, uncharacterized, and unknown.

Ocean exploration is about making discoveries, searching for things that are unusual and unexpected, and filling in knowledge gaps. Oceanographic researchers, archaeologists, engineers, seafloor mappers, conservationists, educators, communicators, policy makers, and more, work together in this multidisciplinary field to explore the ocean, collecting a variety of data and samples necessary for us to understand our planet’s largest habitat.

The Deep-Ocean Bites Ocean Exploration Careers Miniseries features “bite-sized” stories from ocean exploration experts about the work that they do and the paths they took to become explorers of our unknown ocean.

The Deep-Ocean Bites Hydrothermal Vent Miniseries is produced using previously recorded footage from expert interviews conducted during virtual NOAA Ocean Exploration Educator Professional Development events on various deep-sea topics from 2020 to present. The questions featured in each video were submitted by professional development participants and were answered live by ocean exploration experts. Additional topical footage was paired with interview transcripts after the fact to produce each of the short videos in the collection above.

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