Search for the Lost Whaling Fleets of the Western Arctic

Dedication to Mike Overfield

This mission is the latest step forward in a project, “Search for the Lost Whaling Fleets of the Western Arctic,” that has been actively pursued by the NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries’ Maritime Heritage Program for nearly a decade. From the inception of the project, we have had many talented people dedicating their time and efforts to this search. Of these, none was more capable than Mike Overfield, who we tragically lost on 17 May 2009. 

Mike was deeply committed to this project, and was a driving force, innovative organizer, talented maritime archaeologist and historian, and amiable cheerleader for what we hoped to do in the Arctic... someday. 

We dedicate this mission to Mike, who we know is with us in spirit, as he was no happier than when he was out to sea, searching for shipwrecks.

Mike Overfield,

Mike Overfield. Image courtesy of Nof Ted and Ellie Congdon, Huntington Library. Download (jpg, 46 KB).