Deepwater Exploration of Glacier Bay National Park

Classroom Lessons

Classroom lessons and learning tools relevant to the expedition are listed below by grade level. Although some of these resources may have been developed for past expeditions conducted in other regions of the world ocean, the Focus Questions and Student Learning Objectives are applicable to the current expedition.

Glaciers to Corals (pdf, 771 KB)

Grade Level: 6-8
Focus: Biodiversity in Glacier Bay National Park benthic ecosystems (Life Science)

Students will identify and explain factors that contribute to, and design solutions for, maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services in Glacier Bay National Park benthic ecosystems.

Ecosystem Engineers (pdf, 610 KB)

Grade Level: 9-12
Focus: Interdependent relationships in Glacier Bay National Park marine ecosystems (Life Science)

Students will explain the concept of ecosystem engineers, cite evidence of complex interactions in Glacier Bay National Park marine ecosystems, and cite evidence to support claims about the importance of deepwater coral ecosystems in Glacier Bay National Park.