Monitor site plan

The overall mission is divided into three phases:

Phase I (March 25 - May 11)

NOAA and the U.S. Navy will conduct survey dives to prepare the site for the Navy's recovery mission. Preparatory site work will be conducted by NOAA from the R/V Cape Fear and by the Navy from the USS Grapple (ARS 53).

Phase II (June 15 - July 31)

The Navy team will rig and recover the Monitor's engine, cut and recover the portion of the armor belt and hull that covers the turret, and begin excavating the turret. This major recovery expedition requires nearly four weeks mobilization and three weeks demobilization. The recovery team will operate from a large derrick barge. NOAA will provide topside support during the mission.

Phase III (July 17 - August 11)

NOAA and the U.S. Navy will conduct post-recovery activities to survey the site and prepare it for turret recovery, scheduled for 2002. The Navy will be operating aboard the USS Grasp (ARS 51), while NOAA will again use the Cape Fear.

Image courtesy of Preserving the USS Monitor 2001, NOAA/OER.

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