Video Transcript:

With our first Arctic dawn at 4:30 AM came the distant whine of helicopter rotors. This long awaited sound signaled the beginning of the final leg of our journey to the Canadian Coast Guard Ship the Louis St. Laurent. The ship's helicopter would transfer the remaining members of the science party from Japan, Canada, China, and the US from the airport to the Louis. The short five-minute flight coincided perfectly with a breathtaking fogbank quickly rolling in over the land-sea interface. And more than a few pictures were shot from the helicopter as the 392-ft Louis seemed to grow and engulf the rising sun. This welcome sight marked the end of our marathon trip to meet the Louis in Kugluktuk. Coppermine is another name for this small Canadian town lying on the southern edge of the Arctic Ocean in the northern province of Nunavut. Video courtesy of Arctic Exploration 2002, NOAA/OER. Download largest version (mp4, 3.3 MB).


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