Phase 1 Science Party

Standing from left to right (back row) Joe Resing; Marine Chemist; University of Washington JISAO; plume chemistry. Bill Chadwick; Volcanologist, Oregon State University Cooperative Institute for Marine Resouce Studies; Geology team. Rod Catanach; Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE) teamMaurice Tivey; Marine Geophysicist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute; Magnetics surveys ABE John Lupton; NOAA, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory; Hydrothermal helium and plume dynamics Maureen Carr; Midshipman, U. S. Naval Academy; Student intern working with plume mapping team Ron Greene; Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies, Oregon State University; Helium Sampling and Data Analysis Mike Jakuba; Graduate Student, Joint Program-MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; SM2000 multibeam sonar integration and processing Al Bradley; Senior Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Senior Engineer and Co-Leader of ABE team Al Duester; Electrical Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, ABE team Sitting from left to right (middle row) Bob Embley; Marine Geologist, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory; Co-Chief Scientist Ko-ichi Nakamura; Marine Chemist, Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Technology; Electrical conductivity profiling experiment on ABE Geoff Lebon; Marine chemist, Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and the Ocean; Plume mapping team Ed Baker; Physical oceanographer, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory; Co-Chief Scientist Angela Opiola; Undergraduate student intern, Depaul U.; Plume mapping team Sharon Walker; Oceanographer, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory; Plume mapping team Andrea Toth; Undergraduate student intern, U. Wisconsin at Green Bay; Plume mapping team Kristen Anderson; Undergraduate Student Intern, MATE Program, Montereay Peninsula College; Plume mapping team Michelle Burkholder; Undergraduate Student Intern; Carleton U., geology team Dana Yoerger; Senior Engineer, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Co-Leader of ABE Team Sitting from left to right (Lowermost row) The Penguin, the Thompson mascot Yannick Beaudoin; Graduate Student, U. Toronto; Geology team Susan Merle; Senior research Assistant, Oregon State University; geology team. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire 2002, NOAA/OER.

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