Leg 2B Explorers

Explorers on Leg 2b of the Ocean Exploration Submarine Ring of Fire expedition. Left to right front row sitting: Michael Kelly, Susan Merle, Leslie Chao, Brooke Silvers, Noreen Kelly, Kimberly Williams (laying down), Anna Metaxas, Bob Embley, Ray Lee. Standing left to right: Bill Martin, Craig Moyer, Dave Butterfield, Leigh Evans, Kevin Roe, Richard Leveille, Catherine Lalande, Amanda Bates, Sheryl Bolton, Julius Csotonyi, Anthony Williams-Jones, Kathy Gillis, Cathy Channing, Brian Cousens. Above on ROPOS cage left to right: Bill Chadwick, Ian Murdock, Sebastian Durand, Craig Elder, Keith Shepherd, Kim Wallace. Not shown: Jeff Streich, Shane Lovelace, Dan Barker, Keith Tamburri, and Mike Dempsey. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire 2002, NOAA/OER.

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