Bathymetry of coastal NY/NJ

General bathymetry of the coastal ocean in the New York -New Jersey metropolitan region. Detailed bathymetric data provides a framework for future exploration.<em> Click image for larger view. </em>

Hudson Canyon Cruise

August 27-September 15, 2002

Hudson Canyon Expedition 2002 allowed investigators from four academic insitutions and two governmental agencies to map a significant portion of the slope and rise to the east and west of the Hudson Canyon. Scientists also synthesized existing bathymetric (depth) and backscatter intensity data of the Hudson Canyon system. "Groundtruthing" surveys were conducted as well to verify interpretations made of the sea floor based on remote sensing data. The comprehensive mapping that took place during this expedition will provide a framework for future exploration of and research within the area.

In addition, scientists continued to seach for methane venting zones in the Hudson canyon region, an endeavor begun during the Deep East 2001 expedition. Methane venting zones may hold the key to finding clean, abundant energy that could power the United States for centuries to come.

Background information for this exploration can be found on the left side of the page. Regular updates are included below. Detailed logs and summaries of exploration activities are found on the right.

Updates & Logs

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Summary LogSummary Log This exploration has come to a close. Please read the summary log.

Sep 17 LogSeptember 17 The NYC-Intrepid Museum port call draws students from 5th grade to high school. Read about this event which ends the Hudson Canyon cruise.

Sep 16 LogSeptember 16 The science team and crew have made port in NYC. Read the individual thoughts from each science team member.

Sep 12 LogSeptember 12 We are back to the survey area again, Hurricane Gustov has passed. Read about it in today's log.

Sep 11 LogSeptember 11 On this day of remembrance the Ron Brown races for safe harbor from Hurrican Gustav.

Sep 10 LogSeptember 10 There are several forms of "standing watch" aboard the Ron Brown. Read about them in today's log.

Sep 9 LogSeptember 9 In between all the work of the day, there is time for some fun and relaxation...believe it or not!

Sep 8 LogSeptember 8 This mission is so much more than "mowing the lawn". Read the questions and answers with Dr. Peter Rona in today's log.

Sep 6 LogSeptember 6 The operations officer takes ideas from the scientists and makes them a reality in today's log.

Sep 5 LogSeptember 5 The deck crew is working constantly to assist with scientific missions. Read about some of their responsibilities.

Sep 4 LogSeptember 4 Good food means good morale aboard ship. Read about the steward department in today's log.

Sep 2 LogSeptember 2 Find out why the engine room of the Ron Brown is described as brains of the whole ship in today's log.

Sep 1 LogSeptember 1 Learn about the challenges of mapping the sea floor and why less than 5% of the world's oceans are mapped and explored.

Aug 31 LogAugust 31 Read about how the science party uses Niskin bottles to collect water samples from Hudson Canyon.

Aug 30 LogAugust 30 The science crew reviews the many aspects of the data collection and ways to correct for glaring errors.

Aug 29 LogAugust 29 One duty for Navigational Officer Jenn Pralgo, is planning the ship's course. Find out if it is difficult being one of two women among a group of about 25 men in today's log.

Aug 28 LogAugust 28 Day two of the twenty-day mission has begun. Exactly what happens when a ship prepares and leaves dock? Find out in today's mission log.

Aug 27 LogAugust 27 The Hudson Canyon crew prepares the Ronald H Brown for the upcoming mission. Read today's log.


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