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The Young Modified Van Veen Grab sampler, or "Young Grab," scoops sediment from an 0.04-square-meter area of the sea floor. The bulk of the benthic infauna lives in the top 5 cm. The Young Grab digs in to about 10 cm and scoops up the top layers of sea-floor sediment along with the animals that live in the sediment. It consists of a hinged bucket that splits apart at the center. It is open on the way down. When it hits the bottom, the cable goes slack, and the bars holding the bucket open unlock. Weights on the frame ensure that the sides of the bucket dig into the sediment. When the cable is pulled tight, the sides of the bucket close, scooping up the sediment. Tension on the cable holds the bucket closed until it is on the ship and positioned over the collection container, where the scientists open the lid on the top of the bucket and scoop out the sample.

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