Mission Overview

The CCZ covers a large area—it is spans 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles). Within this area, there are large environmental differences relating to variations of phytodetritus input from the surface ocean (the food supply); the abundance and geochemistry of nodules; and bathymetric (seafloor) features, including the occurrence of seamounts dotting the abyssal plains. Such factors have been shown to influence the animal communities in the deep sea.

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Video Highlights

Expedition Summary

See footage from the expedition and learn more about why scientists are exploring the depths of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. This video gives an overview of what we found, including video captured from the seabed.

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Rattail Fish and White Cusk Eels

Rattail fish and white cusk eels on the abyssal plain.

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Swarm of Cutthroat Eels

A swarm of cutthroat eels on the top of a seamount.

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