DEEP SEARCH 2018: DEEP Sea Exploration to Advance Research on Coral/Canyon/Cold seep Habitats

Mission Overview

From August 19 to September 2, 2018, NOAA and partners at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a research expedition on the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution-operated R/V Atlantis to collect critical baseline information about deepwater habitats offshore the U.S. Mid- and South Atlantic.

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Video Highlights

August 30th Alvin Dive

Watch as the DEEP SEARCH team climbs over 500 vertical meters of rock wall within Pamlico Canyon.

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August 26th Alvin Dive

Experience the entire eight-hour dive in just over three minutes with this time-lapse video.

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Significance of Finding a Previously Undetected Coral Reef

Scientists discuss the significance of finding 85 miles of linear coral reef off the U.S. East Coast.

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