Kiska: Alaska's Underwater Battlefield

Classroom Lessons

Classroom lessons and learning tools relevant to the expedition are listed below by grade level. Although some of these resources may have been developed for past expeditions conducted in other regions of the world ocean, the Focus Questions and Student Learning Objectives are applicable to the current expedition.

To Find a Lost Fleet (pdf, 1.5 MB)

Grade Level: 6-8
Focus: Magnetometer surveys for shipwrecks (Physics/Earth Science/Social Studies)

Students will describe the cause and effect relationships of magnetic interactions that underlie magnetometer surveys for shipwrecks.

Sound Pictures (pdf, 416 KB)

Grade Level: 9-12
Focus: Sonar (Physical Science)

Students will be able to explain the concept of sonar; describe the major components of a sonar system; explain how multibeam and side-scan sonar systems are useful to ocean explorers; and simulate sonar operation using a motion detector and a graphing calculator.