Sound in the Sea Animation

This animation depicts how ocean sound data were being brought to you via the Internet in near-real time. As sound waves were emitted, they traveled through the SOFAR channel to the hydrophone array. The array captured the data and transmitted it via the submarine cable to shore. After being compressed into an audible format, the data was made available online for the public and researchers. Click image for larger view.

Live Sound Data

*Update: A Cable connecting the hydrophone array on Pioneer Seamount to the shoreline was severed and it was decided not to repair the cable due to costs and the risk of disturbing the benthic environment. However NOAA does continue to pursue underwater acoustic experiments. For more information, please visit:

NOAA's Acoustics Program

The NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) processed ocean sound data from the Pioneer Seamount, 40 miles off the coast of Central California, and made it available over the Internet in near-real time.

This page offers an animation that depicts how this was being done, and offers a direct link to the PMEL Web page.

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