Ocean Sampling Day

Background Information

The essays below will help you to understand the goals and objectives of the mission and provide additional context and information about the places being explored and the science, tools, and technologies being used.

  • Introduction

    Microbial mats coated in white sulfate material were observed and sampled at several vent sites at West Mata in 2009.

    On June 21, 2015, the summer solstice, thousands of scientists will join together to participate in Ocean Sampling Day (OSD).

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  • Exploration of Scientists

    Ala Wai site, Hawaii: Tiani Naholowaa collecting water at the site.

    Scientists from NOAA will participate in Ocean Sampling Day on June 21, 2015. Water samples will be collected at 15 sites around the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

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  • Gearing up for Ocean Sampling Day

    A view of a bay.

    Marine scientists are gearing up for international Ocean Sampling Day on June 21.

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  • What Can You Do?

    This map illustrates sites where sampling will take place on June 21.

    Helping you: increase awareness of OSD; understanding how you might become more involved; and exploring more of our little known, mostly unseen ocean world.

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