Discovering the Deep: Exploring Remote Pacific MPAs

Mission Summary

From March 7 – 29, 2017, NOAA and partners conducted a telepresence-enabled ocean exploration expedition on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer to collect critical baseline information about unknown and poorly known deepwater areas in the Howland and Baker Unit of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument and the Phoenix Islands Protected Area.

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Video Highlights

Dive 04: Gutsy Goosefish

This angler fish, or goosefish, was seen perched on a rock.

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Dive 14: Octopus

This dumbo octopus was observed resting on the seafloor before it took off, gliding through the water as if flying, propelled by the fins behind its eyes.

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Dive 08: A Fish Called Roughy

This fish is a roughy, in the genus Hoplostethus.

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