Deep-Water Mid-Atlantic Canyons Exploration 2011

Background Information

The essays below will help you to understand the goals and objectives of the mission and provide additional context and information about the places being explored and the science, tools, and technologies being used.

  • Mission Plan

    By Steve W. Ross, Sandra Brooke, and Rod Mather

    Mission Plan

    The Deepwater Mid-Atlantic Canyons Project represents a major systematic exploration of submarine canyons on the continental margin of the eastern United States.

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  • Seafloor Mapping

    By Steve W. Ross and Sandra Brooke

    Seafloor Mapping

    The USGS in cooperation with other government agencies and academic partners have been studying the continental margin along the U.S. east coast using an extensive set of seafloor maps in order to better understand the role of submarine landslides and their role in tsunami generation and how the development and evolution of submarine canyon systems control the shape of the margin.

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