Exploring the Submerged New World 2012

Mission Summary

From July 20-29, 2012, a team of underwater archaeologists from across the country dove at two sites off Florida’s Gulf Coast that they first visited in 2009, searching for Pleistocene plants, animals, and perhaps artifacts from some of the first human beings to arrive in the New World.

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Video Highlights

July 25 Video Log

Divers had success early on sampling bedrock chert at Unit 2 of the Brownstone site, but their work came to an abrupt halt when a large wave swamped one of the dredge engines.

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July 24 Video Log

The Submerged New World team continued to face thunderstorms which pelted them with heavy rains, high winds, and large swells.

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July 23 Video Log

Bad weather forced the team to repair one of the dredge engines and replace the datum post at the Brownstone site.

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