Coral Ecosystem Connectivity 2015

Expedition Education Module

Ocean Explorer Expedition Education Modules (EEM) are designed to reach out in new ways to teachers, students, and the general public, and share the excitement of daily at-sea discoveries and the science behind NOAA’s major ocean exploration initiatives with the people around the world.

The Coral Ecosystem Connectivity 2015 Expedition from Pulley Ridge to the Florida Keys offers a unique opportunity for explorers of all ages to investigate mesophotic coral ecosystems 30 m to more than 100 m below the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico.

Expedition Focus: Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems - A Five-year Study

The links below include an Expedition Purpose written for educators that summarizes why scientists and educators are interested in exploring this area, a link to specific lessons written for this five-year study in 2013 and links to the 2013 and 2014 Pulley Ridge Expedition Education Module (EEM). Within the 2013 EEM, in addition to lessons, educators will find a video introduction to the science behind this five-year study, several standards-based lessons associated with mesophotic coral habitats, links to related expeditions, and links to interviews and videos highlighting some of the careers associated with the science of this expedition. Additionally, below is a Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems theme page which includes essays on mesophotic coral ecosystems, additional lessons, links to coral videos and images, and much more.

Expedition Purpose: A summary of why scientists and educators are interested in exploring this area and what we might learn from our efforts in this region as we strive to further understand the 95% of our planet that is virtually unexplored.

Expedition Purpose

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