Pushing the Boundaries: Technology-driven Exploration of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Background Information

The essays below will help you to understand the goals and objectives of the mission and provide additional context and information about the places being explored and the science, tools, and technologies being used.

  • Mission Plan

    April - July 2017  |  By John C. Bright

    Mission Plan

    Following the expansion of the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in 2014, one of the prime research goals has been surveying newly included sanctuary areas for undiscovered shipwrecks. While 93 individual historical shipwrecks are already known throughout this area, archival research indicates as many as 100 more are yet to be found. Over the course of a four-part expedition throughout the spring and summer of 2017, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary will host a multifaceted, ongoing research project to apply new tools toward searching for these wrecks.

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  • Partnerships


    Collaborations with other research teams are an invaluable way for Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary to access cutting-edge technology and an array of highly skilled scientists and technicians.

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