DEEP SEARCH 2019: DEEP Sea Exploration to Advance Research on Coral/Canyon/Cold seep Habitats

Mission Overview

From April 9 to 30, 2019, NOAA and partners at the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the U.S. Geological Survey conducted a research expedition on NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown to collect critical baseline information about deepwater habitats offshore the U.S. Mid- and South Atlantic coasts.

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Video Highlights

Leg 2 Highlights

These are some of the highlights from the second leg of the DEEP SEARCH 2019 mission.

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Tubeworm Growing on a Carbonate Rock

A tubeworm growing on a carbonate rock with white chemosynthetic bacterial mat and anemones nearby at the Kitty Hawk Seep study site.

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DEEP SEARCH Leg 1 Highlights

These are some of the highlights from our first four dives of DEEP SEARCH 2019.

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