Photo & Video Log

This page contains photos and videos from the Arctic Exploration cruise conducted between August 15 - September 8, 2002. Click on any image to view a larger version and for additional information. If a picture of a movie camera camera icon is present, a video can be viewed by clicking on the image. Multiple video formats are available on the linked pages. If a Podcast icon Podcast Icon is present, a video or audio file is available for download or you can subscribe to the RSS Podcast Feed. NOAA Podcast RSS 2.0 Feed

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(HR) = "High Resolution" images available.

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Invertebrate slideshowslideshow icon Summary
Invertebrate slideshow.

Chyrsaora jellyfishcamera icon Summary
Jellyfish encounter.

Shrimpcamera icon Summary
Invertebrate slideshow.

Skatecamera icon Summary
Fish slideshow.








Under-ice divescamera icon September 3
Under-ice dives.

Divers under the icon August 30
Divers under the ice.

Under ice morphologycamera icon August 26
Ice morphology.

Organisms that live within the icon August 26
Organisms that live in the ice.








Polar bearscamera icon August 25
Polar bears.

1st launch of ROV Global Explorercamera icon August 22
S1st launch of ROV Global Explorer.

ROV sampling and a jellyfish icon August 22
ROV sampling and a jellyfish swim.

Transfering to the Louiscamera icon August 14
Transfering to the Louis.









Flagpole symbolizing multinational cooperation.Summary
Multinational cooperation.

Arctic Expedition map.Summary
Arctic Expedition map.

Preparing for a dive.Summary
Preparing for a dive.

Lowering sampling equipment.Summary
Lowering sampling equipment.









Removing an ice core. Summary
Removing an ice core.

Copepod with eggs.Summary
Copepod with eggs.

The amphipod, Gammarus wilkitzkiiSummary
The amphipod,
Gammarus wilkitzkii.

Close-up of egg sac.
Close-up of egg sac.








Eukrohnia hamata with egg sac.
Eukrohnia hamata with egg sac.

Amalgam of amphipods.Summary
Amalgam of amphipods.

A pelagic pteropodSummary
A pelagic pteropod.

A juvenile Bolinopsis ctenophore.Summary
A juvenile Bolinopsis ctenophore.









Botrynema ellinorae.Summary
Botrynema ellinorae.

The hydomedusae Aglantha digitale.Summary
The hydomedusae Aglantha digitale.

Searching for  gelatinous organisms.Summary
Searching for gelatinous organisms.

Fish otoliths.Summary
Fish otoliths.










sieving through the mudSummary
Sieving through the mud.

Checking out the box coreSummary
Checking out the box core.

Vials of microbiological samplesSummary
Vials of microbiological samples.

Pressure housingsSummary
Pressure housings.










Dave Allen examines microbiological samplesSummary
Dave Allen examines microbiological samples.

Preparing for mooring deploymentSummary
Preparing for mooring deployment.

Doug Sieberg calibrates an instrument.Summary
Doug Sieberg calibrates an instrument.

Salinity and potential temperature profileSummary
Salinity and potential temperature profile.









Map of the Louis’ track and  CTD casts. Summary
Map of the Louis’ track and CTD casts.

Dave Huntley guides the CTD rosette.Summary
Dave Huntley guides the CTD rosette.










Elephant Island.September 6
Elephant Island.

The Icebreaker Polarstern.September 6
The Icebreaker Polarstern.










A pink fish.September 5
A pink fish.

Lebensspuren and an eel pout.September 5
Lebensspuren and an eel pout.

Labeled diagram of the Global Explorer ROV.September 5
Labeled diagram of the Global Explorer ROV.

Watching video  from the ROV.September 5
Watching video from the ROV.










Fish and amphipod trap deploymentSeptember 3
Fish and amphipod trap deployment.

Bottom of an ice floeSeptember 3
Bottom of an ice floe.

Bottom of ice floeSeptember 3
Bottom of ice floe.

Arctic cod, Boreogadus saidaSeptember 3
Arctic cod, Boreogadus saida.










Processing the field samplesSeptember 1
Processing the field samples.

Measuring primary productionSeptember 1
Measuring primary production.

Terry Whitledge  lowers a samplerSeptember 1
Terry Whitledge lowers a sampler.

Drilling through the pack iceSeptember 1
Drilling through the pack ice.










The ctenophore Mertensia ovumAugust 31
The ctenophore Mertensia ovum.

The midwater hydromedusae Atolla tenellaAugust 31
The midwater hydromedusae Atolla tenella.

A midwater amphipod speciesAugust 31
A midwater amphipod species.

The scyphomedusae Chrysaora melanasterAugust 31
The scyphomedusae Chrysaora melanaster.










Dive stationAugust 30
Dive station.

Diving Supervisor, Jeremy Stewart.August 30
Diving Supervisor, Jeremy Stewart. (HR)

Underwater ice morphology.August 30
Underwater ice morphology.

two divers under the ice.August 30
Two divers under the ice.










Gammarus wilkitzkiiAugust 26
Gammarus wilkitzkii, a n under-ice amphipod. (HR)

Ice diverAugust 26
Ice diver.

A channel of water between ice keels.August 26
A channel of water between ice keels. (HR)










Mother polar bear and cubsAugust 25
Mother polar bear and cubs.










Preparing to collect samplesAugust 24
Preparing to collect samples. (HR)

Preparing the Global Explorer for its first dive.August 24
Preparing the Global Explorer for its first dive.

 2002 Arctic Exploration cruise trackAugust 24
2002 Arctic Exploration cruise track.

Ice formationAugust 24
Ice formation.










Sea ice divers.August 22
Sea ice divers. (HR)

Midwater shrimp, Hymendora glacialis.August 22
Midwater shrimp, Hymendora glacialis.

Chrysaora jellyAugust 22
Chrysaora jelly.










Mooring instument awaiting deployment.August 21
Mooring instument awaiting deployment.

Preparing the mooring line.August 21
Preparing the mooring line.

Lowering the mooring instrumentsAugust 21
Lowering the mooring instruments.

Feeding the  mooring line over the winchAugust 21
Feeding the mooring line over the winch.










Preparing to exploreAugust 19
Preparing to explore.

Preparing to an drill an ice coreAugust 19
Preparing to an drill an ice core. (HR)

Offloading onto the pack iceAugust 19
Offloading onto the pack ice. (HR)

Drinking from a  melt pondAugust 19
Drinking from a melt pond. (HR)










Polycheate wormAugust 17
Polycheate worm. (HR)

Tiny brittlestarsAugust 17
Tiny brittlestars. (HR)

Searching for hidden animals.August 17
Searching for hidden animals.

Processing a box core sample.August 17
Processing a box core sample.









Offloading the science party.August 15
Offloading the science party.

Arctic sunrise.August 15
Arctic sunrise.

View from the helicopter cockpit.August 15
View from the helicopter cockpit.

Stern-view of the Louis St. Laurent.August 15
Stern-view of the Louis St. Laurent.










Helicopter landing.August 14
Helicopter landing.

Airport nap.August 14
Airport nap.

The Louis at sunset.August 14
The Louis at sunset.

Airplane on tarmackAugust 14
Airplane on tarmack.