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This page contains photos and videos taken during the 2004 Gulf of Alaska Seamount Expedition that took place July 30 - August 23, 2004. Click on any image to view a larger version and for additional information. If a movie camera icon camera icon is present, a QuickTime video can be viewed by clicking on the image. Other video formats are available on the linked pages.

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cuke citycamera icon Astoria Canyon Sights (QuickTime, 2.6MB)













Feather star, gastropods, and spongesSummary
Feather star, gastropods, and sponges

Tallus caveSummary
Tallus cave

Keith Bosely in the lab Summary
Keith Bosely in the lab

Astoria CanyonSummary
Astoria Canyon, looking east from mid-canyon










3-D image of  Astoria canyon, looking southeastSummary
3-D image of Astoria canyon, looking southeast

Astoria Canyon from the westSummary
Astoria Canyon, looking southwest

Astoria Canyon looking from the eastSummary
Head of Astoria Canyon, looking east

Flag rockfishJuly 12
Flag rockfish










Crinoids and sponges on ridgeJuly 12
Crinoids and sponges

RatfishJuly 12

BasketstarsJuly 12

Trawl marksJuly 11
Trawl marks on Heceta Bank










Seastars and thornyheadJuly 11
Seastars and thornyhead

BocaccioJuly 11

PricklebackJuly 11

bacterial mat near seepJuly 10
Bacterial mat near seep










School of sablefishJuly 10
School of sablefish

Gastropod and its egg casingJuly 10
Gastropod and its egg casing

Seastar amid bivalve shellsJuly 10
Seastar amid bivalve shells

Pygmy and redstripe rockfishJuly 10
Pygmy and redstripe rockfish










Vase sponge and crinoidsJuly 9
Vase sponge and crinoids

Unidentified SharkJuly 9
Unidentified shark

Mussel shell from ancient headlandJuly 9
Mussel shell from ancient headland

Poachers and sharpchin rockfishJuly 8
Poachers and sharpchin rockfish










Historical sampling sites on Heceta BankJuly 8
Sampling sites on Heceta Bank

Pacific hagfishJuly 8
Pacific hagfish

sampling a carbonate chimneyJuly 8
Sampling a carbonate chimney

Tiger rockfish and spongeJuly 7
Tiger rockfish and sponge










Terracing on rock outcropJuly 7
Terracing on rock outcrop

ROPOS dive tracts on Heceta BankJuly 7
ROPOS dive tracts on Heceta Bank

octopusJuly 7

Basketstars and crinoidsJuly 6
Basketstars and crinoids










rock ridgeJuly 6
Rosethorn rockfish at a rock ridge

fish trapJuly 6
Fish trap

Sampling a rock and crinoidJuly 6
Sampling a rock and crinoid

yellowtail rockfishJuly 6
Yellowtail rockfish










White sponge and reddish crinoidsJuly 5
White sponge and reddish crinoids

Dover sole and pink sea urchinsJuly 5
Dover sole and pink sea urchins

Box crabJuly 5
Box crab

Black crinoidJuly 4
Black crinoid










Myctophids (lantern fish July 4
Myctophids (lantern fish)

Bacterial mat near methane seepJuly 4
Bacterial mat near methane seep

A blackskate, a grenadier, sponges and anemonesJuly 3
A blackskate, a grenadier, sponges and anemones

Sedimentary bedding planesJuly 3
Sedimentary bedding planes










Freshly broken rock faceJuly 3
Freshly broken rock face

Gorgonian coralsJuly 3
Gorgonian corals

Longspine thornyhead rockfishJuly 3
Longspine thornyhead rockfish

Headwall scarpJuly 2
Headwall scarp











Porous mudstoneJuly 2
Porous mudstone and shrimp

SablefishJuly 2

Thorny rockfishJuly 1
Thornyhead hiding under rock

ROPOS arm using a push-coreJuly 1
ROPOS arm collects samples











Recovery of ROPOSJuly 1
Recovery of ROPOS

Shortraker fishJuly 1
Shortraker fish)

Sea cucumber and seastarsJune 30
Sea cucumbers and sea stars

Mudstone scarJune 30
Mudstone scar resulting from landslide











Shortspine thornyhead rockfishJune 30
Shortspine thornyhead rockfish

White sea cucumbersJune 30
White sea cucumber communities

JellyfishJune 29

EelpoutJune 29










Octocoral invertebrateJune 29
Octocoral invertebrate

RockfishJune 29

ROPOS readying for first dive June 28
ROPOS first dive

Bio-acoustic profiler dataJune 28
Bio-acoustic profiler data











Vertical profile of ROPOS div June 28
Vertical profile of ROPOS first dive

Sea EagleJune 28
Sea Eagle vessel supports studies

Deploying ROPO June 27
Deploying ROPOS

Bioacoustic profiler equipmentJune 26
Deploying Bioacoustic equipment











Mid-water trawlJune 26
Mid-water trawl

Deploying the sampling equipment June 26
Deploying CTD equipment

The Auriga conducting a sonar survey May 31 - Jun 13 Auriga conducts a sonar survey

Multibeam transducers May 31 - Jun 13 Multibeam transducers











deeptow sidescanMay 31 - Jun 13 Deeptow sidescan

base of canyon wall May 31 - Jun 13 Base of canyon wall

Sidescan sonarMay 31 - Jun 13
Sidescan sonar