A beautiful sunset marks the conclusion of Leg 2 of the Deep East Expedition to Hudson Canyon. Click image for larger view.

Reflections and Future Projects

September 21, 2001

Holly Donovan, Teacher
Robert Hunter Elementary School
Flemington, NJ

In our final science meeting in the library of the research vessel (R/V) Atlantis, we gathered around the conference table to review and analyze our Deep East experiences. Scientists, students, technicians, teachers, and journalists all shared their reflections. Though each of us undoubtedly got something different from the expedition and our days aboard ship, some common themes emerged.

Everyone present shared an enthusiasm and commitment to his or her work that this research opportunity had greatly enhanced. We were all extremely appreciative of the facilities and accommodations that had been provided for us. The multiple talents and dedication of the Atlantis and Alvin crews did much to ensure the success of everyone on our team.

Deep East Expedition Leg Two Science Team.

The Deep East Expedition's Leg Two science team stands in front of the Alvin deep sumbergence vehicle in its hangar aboard the R/V Atlantis. Click image for larger view.

We leave the ship with an increased understanding of the importance of deep-sea research, and an unshakable belief in the value of people diving into "inner space" to learn more about the vast unexplored regions of our planet and its diverse marine inhabitants, be they great or small. In the strained, uncertain political climate following the violent terrorist destruction inflicted on our country, our renewed commitment to cherish, learn more about, and preserve life itself seems even more essential to hold onto, and to pass on to our children.

This was a wonderful trip. We wish the Leg 3 science team, which comes aboard tomorrow, good luck, good dives, and good weather!

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